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2007 East Coast Meet at Carlisle

Carlisle Fairgrounds East Coast Meet  

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  1. 1. Which show would you rather hold a meet at?

    • Carlisle All Gm Nationals June 22nd to 24th 2007
    • Carlisle All Truck Nationals Aug 3rd to 5th 2007

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Well i was hoping to get a sub forum set up but havn't heard from mervz so i'll use last years. Had some good feedback late last year about trying another east coast meet at Carlisle. There was interest in both All GM Nationals and the All Truck Nationals. So how bout we figure this out with alittle poll, because it's comming quick. If we do the All GM Nats. everything needs to be set up by May. With the Truck Nats. it needs to be set up by July. Thanks for any feedback.



Here is info on both shows


All GM Nats


All Truck Nats

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I figure I'll jump in!

Count me in for both shows!

SSNEWBIE :devil:



hey waz up aric. i was wondering when you were going to jump in. :thumbs::cheers:


Looking forward to the events coming up! Hope we will have a better turn out then last year.

We really need to pull together and have a strong showing this year!

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