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2000 silverdo 1500 door wind noise


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My 2000 Silverado has considerable wind noise coming from around driver side door.

This truck previously had left front accident damage and did not notice that repair shop did not adjust door fit at closed position.

When door is closed there is considerably more gap between door and cap at upper left side.

There are (2) small backes located on door hinges and each bracket has a hex head bolt showing.

Do you loosen each bracket and then re-torque slightly, shut door and try to push against door to close gap, re-open door and fully tighten brackets?


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Sorry i cant be of more help but i'm sure someone more knowledgeable will be along with the solution,

i bought a set of these in case i get the dreaded window noise, seemed OK when i drove it but better safe than sorry esp when i'm a long way from a dealer and any warranty are worthless over here in the UKebay window leak cure



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