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twin turbo c-6 pictures


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I figured you all might want to check out the dyno charts of our latest creation.


This is a 2007 Corvette Z-51 with the Z-06 rear fenders & wheels, Lingenfelter hood & chin spoiler.


This vehicle makes 335 Rear wheel horsepower in stock form. (400 HP at the crankshaft)

It has a dual stage boost controller that allows the driver to instantly switch between the "Low boost" setting of 7 pounds, to the "High boost" setting of 10 pounds.

On "Low boost" this car made 499 Rear wheel Horsepower.

On "High boost" it made 605 Rear wheel Horsepower.

This was done on an otherwise stock vehicle with the stock 6.0L engine.


By way of comparison, the new Z-06 Corvette 427 ci (7.0L) makes 440 Rear wheel horsepower. (505 HP at the crankshaft)


Even with the 14" wide tires this monster would consistently loose traction and spin the rear tires at over 70 MPH when the traction control was turned off.


Enjoy the pictures...



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Most the time you really can't see the twins on a LPE set up they are under the car. You can see some intercooler piping but MOST of the time thats it.




Buddy has a TT FRC VETTE and it laid the smacketh down on the dyno... 975 RWHP... 364 ls1 ALL Pro Heads, fast 90mm. SWEET!


LPE makes awesome stuff ...but assload exspensive!

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