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pimp ss

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the color is like that because it is supposed to have a blue chrome effect.I may have it colored solid blue but i kinda like it.My wife even likes it so im happy im probably going to add silverado under it so it will look like the tailgate emblem im not sure maybe something with 6.0 HO or something not sure. :chevy::chevy:


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Glad your wife likes it.


My GF would be like, "Oh, I see how it is. You love that damned truck more than you do me, huh? So much that you got a tattoo on you, huh? Well, I wanna know when my name will be on tatooed on you!"


Then I'd tell her ... "I'll get your name tatooed on me ... but your name isn't quite long enough to fit across BOTH my ass cheeks ... "



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