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Thinking of selling my SSS


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I'm considering selling my sss because its getting hard for my to afford now. I'm filling the truck once a week at 70 bucks a pop its getting difficult plus Im gonna need to start helping financially around the house plus I want to go to the local college part time and i cant afford everything with what im making right now. I want to go to college for Criminal Justice. Anyway onto the truck. Its a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado SS Arrival Blue AWD 6.0


The truck only has 14,000 miles on it and drives perfectly, Exhuast sounds great and will move when you hammer down on the gas. It has factory silver painted rims the passenger front tire does have some curb rash but nothing noticable until you look. The hood does have some chipping on the very end of the hood closest to the windshield only noticable if you look i swear I didnt even see em when i bought the truck until my dad pointed em out. Other than that the exterior is perfect no dents or nicks. Well cared for just wondering what I should ask for my truck if i do sell it. Thanks.

I can post pics if anyone likes. Willing to take pics of the hood from all angles and wheel. Ohyeah and tires are original good years and look great. And the interior is all stock. Willing to have truck completely detailed by a professional if i do sell.



Painted white tribal graphics down botht sides. (it doesnt look appealing on the pictures but in person its different and nice)

Billet grill on main, bumper, and vents

cowl induction hood not sure what brand

truxedo lo pro tonnoue cover

borla mufflers

nice tips exiting under rear bumper

11% tinted window all around

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