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killed an sss


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so i was on my way to the gym yesterday and i see a silver sss up ahead of me. i wanted to get closer to get a better look at it and maybe have a chat with the owner. as i get close to it, i can see it has the stock exhaust so it was probebly a stock truck. i get beside him and the guy rolls down his window. he say's nice truck and i do the same. we come up to the light but their were people in front of us and we talked and agreed that when we get past traffic we'll go at the third honk.

i've never done that honking shit before and i have to say that it definetly makes the race alot funner. :thumbs: anyways, we get in front of traffic and both slow down to 30 and go at three. i pull from him from the start and just keeped pullin up to 80 were i shut it down with about 3 trucks on him. we get to the next light and he start's going crazy about how he wants his truck to sound just like mine and wants me to tell him what i have done. so i tell him what i have and then he asks me how much the corsa costs. he damn near shit his pants when he heard the price and said he's gunna get it anyways. he was a cool guy and he just bought the truck, so it was a stock 07. this race just showed me i have come a long way with just the full exhaust and cai. i thought i would only end up with a truck, truck & a half on him, but i was wrong. i half to say fellas, it felt great. :thumbs: now on the shift kit & tbtc and tune. if i can only find a good tranny shop that won't overprice me. :banghead:

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