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photography tips... read inside

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I have been an amateur photographer for more than a few years now and have several friends who work full time at this... in the past year i have accumulated about $3500 in camera gear, which i have learned is NOT important... you can get perfect pictures with a camera that is worth $150 dollars vs one worth $5000....

there are two "golden" hours in photography...


15 minutes before sunrise and 15 minutes after sunset... your camera will pick up colors during that time your eyes will not see... here is a link -



another tip, take as many pictures of a subject, especially a static subject such as your truck... you never know which picture will work best.


explore the site above, you will find a lot of useful information... your truck will look much better when you learn the basics of shooting pictures...


hope this helps you...

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You guys out in the boonies could be taking some really awesom night shots. Static objects in the dark make for great pictures.. When your away from city lights 20-30 miles and its pitch black outside your camera will still pick up lots of light from the moon or distant city light. Check this site out this guy really explains how to do it.Longer shutter speeds with a low ISO came make for some really cool pictures......link Night Shots

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:withstupid: Thanks for the link, it's got some good information



No prob guys... what is the point of having nice shit if you cant show it off, right? And everything looks better in person, but when you apply basic photography concepts, shit always looks better.


plus i come to these boards to learn... so why not give back



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