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High Flow Cat load


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I was looking around on ebay for some cheap high flows. I found some catco cats for really cheap and I think awhile back someone told me that magnaflow made them or something. Probably wrong on that. On the info part it says engine load 360ci or 5.9L is .1L going to make that much of a difference? You guys think they will be okay to put on my truck? here is a link to the cats i'm talking about...




Thanks in advance guys! :chevy:

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The ad says they are not recommended for ODB-II vehicles, which the SS is. For a few bucks more, that same vendor sells a Magnaflow Cat that is ODB-II rated. Plus they don't have that ugly air tube hanging off the side, which you don't need.

Ebay MagnaFlow Cat $55.57 each


At MagnaFlow's website (actually Car-Sound, MagnaFlow's parent company) here is the spec page:

CarSound Specs for the 94106

General specs"]General Specs



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