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Silverado SS Autocross


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Well as some of you might know I like to drive:)

Guy here told me about an Autocross event with the corvettes of america...dumb luck has it he drives a lightining...but he is still cool.




my ulgy mug!





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Happy birthday!

I beat a C6, but when I was working a corner the same car had a guys wife driving it...

Right around a min for the course and other "fast cars" were low 50's, dont know if anyone dipped into the high 40 sec range.


best part there is not many trucks so your class competition is slim.


I think I could have been faster, but I am DBW and I dont think the truck likes on/off the gas type of driving, I think the throttle body kind of freaks and then the truck is kind of lost for a split second...time to mod up.


This type of driving is when you 'need' brakes.

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