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Microsoft Zune and Music Sevice


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I bought a Microsoft Zune about a month ago and have a 2 week trial of zune marketplace. I liked it but my friends and family cant burn music that they wanted because you had to buy each song seperatly and its the same even if i subscribe to full service. My sister has Itunes and I can't figure out how to get my to get music off of itunes but i know the zune can. Can anyone help me out. Also Id like to get a music service where I can burn cd's without buying each song seperatly. Thanks.

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People keep telling me limewire but ive had music programs like that before and didnt have good luck with em so id rather stick to something that is legal unless limewire is a good overall program that im not at risk gettin busted for and isnt loaded with viruses and spyware. Also I can open up itunes and plug in my zune but it doesnt show up in itunes so i put music on my zune. Anyone shed some light on this? Thanx

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