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head swap

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Hey guys,3 weeks ago I bought some 243 heads for my 06 crewcab 5.3

Had them milled .030 and a few budies and I did the swap.

After hours of work and some beer it was done.


The next day we hooked the wideband back up and did some logging to get the tune dialed in.

Of course this made a nice difference,pulls very nice all the way to 6500RPM+ where I have the shift points


mods included are

of course intake and exhaust and vette servo

Wheatley tuning


Yank TT3000

comp 220/220 .581/.581 on a 112 LSA


hardened pushrods

and now 243 heads


Before the heads and with a smaller cam which was a comp 212/218 .558/.563 on a 114LSA and STOCK torque converter it ran a best of

14.23 at 95.12MPH


An FLT tranny and eaton posi are about to be on the way soon.

Once those 3 things are done,the drag slicks will be bolted on and we will see what it will do

Gonna go ahead and wait till about october when it starts to get cooler before we run it again.I can tell ya that it is running much much stronger now then it was when it ran that 14.23.


Later guys

Charlie Wheatley

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