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SS TowPig

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Depends....you can get them regular cab short bed with the 5.7

But they are PRICEY, the guy who has it with cloth and color keyed exterior molding (regular cab 5.7) got it for near 30,000.

Mod your truck up a bit and you will take him IMO. Especially since I heard you can not do transmission work on them since the entire thing is sealed.

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the tundra is pretty quick from the factory, but with some minor tuning should get them into very low 14's if not high 13's. They have good power through the gears but the shifts are very weak, and the stability controll is a bitch. there are a few other things I cant stand about them, however, overall they are a nice truck.


stock for stock, the Tundra has the upper hand, but put a tune, intake and exhuast on an SS it should be a good race.

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guy keeps givin me shit at work because he got a new toyota tundra....and its a 4x4, he says it runs 14.6 in a quarter, and would whip my SSS...anyone killed one of these yet?


Who cares how fast he thinks he is. The SS is a much better looking truck that the "hog" IMO. The new Tundra's look like crap plus with a few mods the SS will run circles around them. I'd love to have a crack at one, but I'm no were near stock :devil:

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