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just a random pic of my truck

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just got the goodmark hood installed


shaved the tailgate


installed the roll pan



truck is finally done... i will be doing a full photo shoot of ALL my mods inside and out in the next day or two... but here is a random picture for some feedback




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Looks great, whats written on the Cowl hood?


Oooooh oooooh oooooh!!! Lemmee guess!


I wish I was a black SS?!?!?! Ok honestly, i now know what mine will look like when done. Minus the exhaust. I think I sit lower, but the hood, the roll pan, and the tonneau definitely add to the look. And oh yea, mine's black...

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yea no it doesnt say that... it says SUPERCHARGED...


if i wanted a black ss i could have gotten one and saved a lot of money!@!@

just wait for the full photoshoot you will see all of the upgrades and then understand why i say that


yea i am considering lowering it more... i just dont know how low i can go with 24" rims... without rubbing my tire...




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damn man, looks great. get those photos up asap, i wanna see that thing!


as long as you can keep the same height tire (prefrebly shorter) than stock and dont go wider than a 305, it will only rub a little when turning full lock parking. mine rubs when turned full lock, but only when no throttle is being applied..... i wouldnt worry about it, go lower :D

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ok ok ok... i will look into lowering it this week... hopefully i can do it for around $600 bucks... anyone?? i am waiting for my photographer to get unbusy... i took the above picture, but i forgot my tripod and when you shoot in low light in program mode, you gotta have a tripod... i dont have a steady hand...



as far as my current suspension mods... i have nitro actives x4, and front and rear sway bars - belltech... and 2 inch drop shackles in the rear... ok... time for a new post...

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