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attn:N.C. boys.

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I need a little help from the boys in North Carolina,i just heard from afriend of mine that one of our extended friends passed away while on vacation somewhere in North Carolina.The story i heard was that he and his wife went to visit some friends and that they had rented motorcycles for the weekend,now i am not exactly sure what happened wether or not he was hot dogging or not but he dumped the bike and crashed into a rock or some other obsticle the sad part is that his friend was video taping the whole thing and caught the accident on tape,sadly he was around 34 years old and leaves behind his wife of about 5 years and 2 sons 3years and about 9 months old.I was hoping someone could get me a like or the article if its in the paper apperantly the accident happened sat or sun.Thanks guys.

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