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Factory Radio ?'s

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is there a switch on the doors that shuts the radio off when they open and the key is off? My radio wont shut off until the little battery light in my guage cluster shuts off. What can i do to fix this?



all help is appreciated!!!!

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You could check and make sure all amps/system components are properly grounded. I had my amp connections set up but was having problems with my ground. Before I solved the ground issue with my amp, the radio would stay on for 10-15 mins after I took the key out and opened the doors. Don't know if this helps, but it's worth a try. To answer your first question though, somebody correct me if I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure it's a relay that turns the radio off.

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The radio turns on via Data. here is JUST A THOUGHT without having the truck in front of me to trouble shoot.


I am guessing the fans or caps in the amps are back feeding on the remote turn on wire. (what ever you are using to turn the amps on) and this is keeping the radio on. to tell if this is it, once the truck is off, pull the turn one lead off the amps. if the radio shuts off then that is your problem. to remedy this i would put at least a 6 amp Diode on the turn on lead at the point you have it connected, make sure the band of the diode faces the amplifiers in direction of current flow.


try this and get back to me. good luck.

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