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U-joint Part Number

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I am long time reader first time poster, have big problems this time. My transfer case is leaking, for some time now. I have had the yoke replaced. What is the process for replacing the yoke? Do you have to open the tranfer case? What happens when the case bolts are tightened with an impact wrench; like that metallurgy stuff? Are there any signs to look for on the exterior of the case for bearing, seal or gasket leak?


thanks, the advise is welcome

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First of all: Welcome to the realm of registered users!! :thumbs:


About the transfer case: I haven't really ever heard of the transfer case having issues... From what I have heard and they will hold around 1000ft/lbs (prolly an inflated figure, imo)... They don't even really sell a lot of hardened parts for them that I would recommend to you...


If all is said and done I would just toss it and put a new one on :dunno: There may be some massive internal problem that keeps giving you problems, or it could be something as simple as a gasket...


I've never had any of mine apart from my chevy trucks... they never gave me any issues... So I don't really have an answer to to that yoke question, but I'm sure a guru will get curious and browse through here eventually!

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The T-case does not have to be opened to replace the yoke. The yoke slips over a splined output shaft on the T-case. The outside of the yoke is the part that rides against a seal in the T-case. The seals can be replaced from the outside. The yoke just pulls out after the driveline has been dropped.


If the joint between the case halves was leaking, the case would have to be disassembled.



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Ive had 3 yokes in my TC. My first tc went out and messed the first yoke up so i replaced the tc but not the yoke. The messed up yoke ruined the bushing inside the TC. Needless to say my TC was leaking at the seal, too. After replacing the yoke and the seal, it was STILL leaking. Basically my TC had to be pulled and the bushing replaced and a new yoke ( the bushing is what keeps it inline, therefore when it was bad, it ruined my 2nd yoke). SO, when you replace it, You might wanna check that bushing inside the TC. You should be able to check it w/out removing the TC.


Sorry to hear about your troubles but I know how you feel...ive been there too

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My TC output seal is leaking, thank goodness thats it.

the yoke had been replaced with the new nickle one and the dealer did not replace seal or u joints as recommended

autotrack II does quiet down TC





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