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Eh, Got Some Work Done Yesterday


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ok, got my 2/2 finished yesterday sorta.... shackles...are easy rotated the tires drives side spindle took 3 hrs...and passenger side took one hour i learned alot on the drivers side the hard way...like sticking the bolt into the shackle prior to installing....anybody thats done this knows what im talking about. drivers side shocks....they kinda squishy sounding but only when i hit speed bumps fronts rides nice but i still feel lil not right up there...getting aligned tomorrow. the rear end... is stiffer than an oak board.... i had to put the stock shocks back on cause the ones i bought werent long enough.... the drivers side we bounced the bed and i got it in it was just barely off.... the passenger side tho was 3 inchs off while bouncing the bed. the shocks had the same pn but one of them got smaller as it went into the top part...thats the short one.... i going to call summit racing and get the right ones.. anybody else have this problem or do i just have the wrong pn all together.

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