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How To Replace The Ac Actuator


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Hey guys,can anyone tell me how to locate and replace the ac actuator, that is making this noise. It is clicking all the time and its driving me crazy :banghead: the noise is coming from behind the ac vent on the right side of the radio.Thanks for any advice.

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I'm with you...same deal.


dun-dunk. dun-dunk. dun-dunk.


Over and over.




I assume this is a known issue? I thought I was the only one.


I planned on pulling the dash and investigating soon, but haven't gotten around to it.


- Brian





I went to the dealership and b/c the noise is coming from inside the dash & they don't know what it is, they want 500-600 bucks just in labor to take the dash off and figure it out!!!!???? I am gonna tackle it myself, although I have tried to take my dash off, i got all the screws out & I could not pull it off all the way, it is not as easy as it looks but I will try again...

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If you're referring to pulling the upper dash pad off - its really not too bad. Don't forget there are screws on the sides of the dash - by pulling the fuse panel covers. I also found that removing the side pillers made things much easier. The handle by the glove box needs to come out as well.


If you do remove things and you have the AUTO Climate Controls please please please take some pictures or at least make note of where the two sensors are in the upper ducts. The bottom ones would be nice too but I can check those mostly on a buddies truck.


I should have some pictures of things removed if that will aid you any. Not up on my wiki just yet, but I can do that...

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