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Optima Yellow Top Batteries


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How many of you guys use these as a primary battery? I was thinking about putting one in my SSS but i was wanting to know what you guys thought about them? Are they big enough? Or do i need something bigger?



I have 2 in my ride along with a Ohio 265 amp Alt... What are you running that you need them?




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Mine are going on 5 years old now that is long for the yellow tops..They should only last about 2 years of Reg driving... I think one of mine is dead... But the truck is for sale now and I don't want to spend $300.00 for 2 new Batt's... :D I think the Alt is running my system......


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from my experience optimas arent worth the hassle they provide. my truck has a mild stereo along with alot of other electric powering devices and the stock battery has been going strong. Good size battery wire helps greatly!!!!!!!!! Also stereo size wire isnt as good as other thicker insulation wire

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These batteries are great no leakedge and good for audio.good starting power were i work I sell these a lot and they usually last for a good 4 years.these are way better than the red top, the red has only 550 Cca, while the yellow has 750Cca and last longer.

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I had a optima red top in my s10 and correct me if im wrong but i think the red top is for more starting power but anyway i had my s10 for about 1 1/2 years and i have accidentally left the interior lights on over night and go outside the next morning and see there on and shit here we go now im gonna have to be jumped so i get in the truck only expecting it to click or try to turn over but much to my surprise it started right up with absolutly no hesitation and i could see the charge according to the volt gauge was about halfway gone. once the batt goes bad in my truck its what im putting in mine. +1 for optima!

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