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Stall T/c

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I'm looking into stall T/C's and they list two spline configurations for a 4l60e. What's on our trucks? Whats a good stall for a reasonably mild cam (216/220 .525 .532 114). I was thinking 2800-3000 would be plenty?? :dunno: Whats a good brand (bang for the buck?)


I'm doing a little homework to see what i need to save/spend for a cam, T/C, shift kit, E-fans, tune & tranny cooler. I'm going to start ordering stuff after x-mas and do it all, once i get all the parts.

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yeah i agree , but for that kinf of power you might go with a 9.5 precision. id also consider the yank 3000 its a good stall for the cash , and i had great luck with my tcs 2800-3000 stall . just stay away from tci , and tbtc .

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