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Christmas Pics Of My Racing Team


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Alright, so it's christmas time, and the members in our racing team have been exchanging gifts between eachother. My buddy Matt (who's one of the artists among our crew) comes out of left field with these:










Drawn completely on the computer, backrounds from google images, all of us riding in our most prized possessions. During the midst of our rampage to spend money, stuff like this reminds us all that something made hits closer to home than anything you can buy in the store. Mine's going up on my wall as soon as I can find a nail!


BTW - Can everyone pick me out?

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Yup Yup Yup... The 3rd one is me. If you didn't catch the SS hat you weren't looking hard enough :lol:...


I'll post some more of his artwork at some point, he's drawn lots of random stuff for our team...


I kinda wish he would've printed them out for us on larger than 8.5"x11" paper (I was thinking more along the lines of 11"x17", cropped to keep aspect)...


Everyone coming to Cape Cod Rally will get to meet him, along with the other members of my crew!

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