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15inch Kicker L 7's


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I'm guessing your backseat went bye bye ... I had 2 15 L7's in my truck for about an hour, holy schmidt that was loud.


:pop: pics


Yup back seat went bye bye i have had them in there for bout a year..took them out last week my gf bought me 2 L 7 8's to go under the seat now...i love those subs but wit a kid on the way i needed my seat back...pics coming soon

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I actually have two L7 8's now as well, although mine are in the camaro. Great subs for the size as well, no one believes they are eights pounding back there.



I cant wait till tommorow to get them installed they r goin to sound good i think ive got a kicker 1200.1 amp so that will b plenty amp to push those subs i hope it sounds goood

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