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Justin Lamanna


2003 Chevy Silverado SS

11.99 @ 112 MPH






• Kenne Bell 2.2L 90mm Supercharger -Non Intercooled

• ETP 225 chamber, 11 degree Head w/ stage 3 valves/springs

• Custom grind Comp Cam (224º-226º /.591"-.600" @114ºlsa)

• 90mm FAST Intake

• 90mm LS6 Throttle Body Conversion-Speartech Harness

• 8 Rib Pulley Set-up w/ Overdrive Crank Pulley

• Rollmaster Dual Chain Set w/ Torrington Bearing

• Trick Flow Chromalloy Push Rods

• ARP Head Studs

• Corvette Valley Pan

• 60 lbs Fuel Injectors

• FAST Fuel Rails

• Walbro 255lph In-Line Fuel Pump

• Aeromotive Compact EFI Fuel Regulators 35-70 psi

• Taylor 409 Race-Fit Pro Race Spark Plug Wires, 10.4mm

• NGK TR6 Spark Plugs, .032 gap

• Dynatech Long Tube Headers w/ gutted Dynatech Converts

• Custom Dual Exhaust with Cut-Outs

• Transgo HD2 Shift Kit w/ Billet Servos

• Trailblazer 2800 Torque Converter

• Flex-A-Lite Duel Electric Fans

• 160˚ Thermostat

• Yellow Top Battery

• Tuning done by Ed Wright @ FASTCHIPS



• Good Mark Steel Cowl Hood

• BF Goodrich G-Force Tires, 295-40-20

• Belltech 2” front and rear drop (spindles and shackles) w/ 2* shims

• GM Factory Fog Lights

• BSER Custom Roll Pan

• Hidden Hitch

• Kenne Bell Fuel Pressure/ Boost Gauges

• Ultra Lift Tonneau Cover w/ Gas Struts

• Bed Rug





My Story:


Everyone, thanks again for back to back nominations on the Featured Truck Contest. Please check out my AWD doughnut video posted on this site as well as youtube. With over 100,000 views I'm sure you will be impressed. Look for more video's to be posted shortly.


I purchased my SS right after I graduated college Memorial Day weekend 2003. My first vehicle every! Ironically I was looking at buying a Z71 when I saw this sweet ass truck being trailered in. At the time I was unaware of the unique nature of the SS. Everywhere I went people complimented my truck. To this day I don’t think there is a time ever that I do not receive a compliment when I drive it. Yelling, thumbs up or a vehicle rev is quite common.




A couple weeks after the purchase I was a regular at our local area drag strip. My competitive nature pushed me to better my ET’s. I was very uneducated at the time until I meet what today turns out to be my best friends at the World of Wheels Car Show in Pittsburgh. There was a black Camaro SS there, sharp-clean looking and made a lot of power. Instant eye catcher. So naturally I had to talk with the owner who ironically was the same age as me, 22. After talking with him I was impressed with his 400HP heads/cam setup and found out all the work was done by him and his brother who turned out to have a WS6 himself. His car housed a 427 naturally aspirated engine that dynoed at 535HP. So these were the guys in my area that new their stuff on ls1 engines. For months I tried to get them to make my truck fast and they always respectfully declined. Finally they gave in and let me watch/learn during my transformation: Kenne Bell SC, headers and exhaust were my first purchases. With Kenne Bells tuning on 4lbs of boost it helped me run high low 14’s. After a tune by FASTCHIPS and a little more boost we broke into the 13.70’s.






Memorial Day 2004 I purchased a second car because it was cheaper for me instead of driving my SS daily with such high gas prices. Ever penny I had was put towards future modifications. Appearance wise I prefer the stock-clean look of a SSS but engine wise is where most of my modifications are found. In the summer of 2005 I went with my new friends to the Crusin’ Ocean City Car Cruise. So I added a BSER role pan, bed rug, GM factory fog lights, and toneau cover for appearance purposes prior to the 4 day event. The transmission received a shift kit and servos for a little head snapping action.


After seeing so many fast street cars there I really got the itch for more aggressive mods: a mild cam, transmission shift kit/servos, 8 lbs of boost helped me break into the 12’s. Little did I know that my goal would soon get changed to 11 seconds.





Prior to the 2006 season the more technical upgrades started. Completely porting the stock Kenne Bell supercharger to 90mm for a Corvette throttle body upgrade. Relocation of the stock water neck pump for belt/hose clearances for a 90mm FAST intake. Fully fabricating the inlet tubing between the supercharger and intake. FAST fuel rails, 60 lbs injectors, an aggressive cam and ET 225 heads finished it off. These additions/ changed help me run a personal best of 12.16.



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Justin Lamanna continued...



January of this year I added a Belltech 2 inch drop all the way around, 2” cowl hood and had an 8-rib pulley system machined to eliminate belt slip. The pulleys helped out so much that 11’s were finally accomplished: 11.99 @ 112.








All of this would not have been possible with out the expertise of my great friends and their facility, Senge Auto Body/ Senge High Performance, which housed my truck for countless hours at a time to fulfill my passion of cars or in this case my truck. My SSS has allowed me to make so many new friends along the way


Today my truck has 24,431 miles on it, complete stock low end, original transmission and runs 11.99 on street tires without an intercooler. I am extremely happy with this truck and am currently planning on building an N/A 12.25:1 511cid LSX block, 300 shot of NOS and 22” CCW wheels.


There are a lot of great looking trucks on the site and I am honored to be nominated amongst such company. Thanks for taking time to read my story and thanks for your votes!


Very truly,

-Justin Lamanna

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ImpoSStor SS



At the Las Vegas SEMA show in November of 2002, Chevrolet introduced the Silverado Regular Cab SS concept vehicle - "a slimmed-down pickup with a 395-horsepower 6.0-liter V-8 and six-speed manual transmission, designed to haul more than lumber back from the home improvement store." The following January, Hot Rod magazine ran an article with the headline "CHEVY'S $23,000 SUPER TRUCK - High Performance on a Working Man's Budget", and ending with "The SS will be available during the first half of 2003 through any Chevy dealer." I read this and thought, "This is the truck that will replace my black, regular cab S10!" It was perfect, just what I was looking for! And for only $23,000! It sounded too good to be true!


In November 2003, after the regular cab SS failed to materialize at my local Chevy dealer, I attended the SEMA show and spoke with the Silverado brand manager. I asked about the possibility of my dream truck making it into production. All he would say was "I can't tell you our future plans." Without a warm, fuzzy feeling that it would ever happen, I flew home on a Saturday morning red-eye and the following Monday, ordered the raw material to build my own regular cab SS. I few weeks later, in December 2003 I took delivery of a black 2004 LS with a 4.8L V8 and a 5-speed. I trailered it to a rented garage and started the conversion process.




Out came the 4.8 and the 5-speed, in went the 6.0 and the 6-speed. On went the SS cladding, door handles, mirror caps and the BSER roll pan!








In February 2004, after 14 months of long nights and weekends the truck was ready for it's debut at the Detroit Autorama (where it was relegated to the basement with the rice rockets and the rat rods because "it looks too stock to be upstairs").






Since then I've also had the truck at indoor shows in Chicago, IL, Green Bay, WI, Grand Rapids, MI and again in Detroit, along with many outdoor shows and cruise nights. My favorite event has been the annual Zippy meet where everyone knows it didn't come this way and appreciates the work that went into it.






In the summer of 2006 I decided the next logical step would be the installation of a supercharger. I was lucky enough to get a demonstration ride in one of Wheel to Wheel's development vehicles. I was hooked! That July I purchased and installed the first W2W intercooled Rotrex supercharger kit to be sold to the public. I didn't take the time to dyno the truck before the installation of the Rotrex so I don't know how much power it was putting out but after the install, with the help of Mike at Zippy Performance I've been able to achieve 500 RWHP and 478 ft/lbs of torque.




With a best of 13.148 @ 110.45 my quarter mile times are not yet where I'd like them to be. Lack of traction has been the biggest problem. With trap speeds as high as 116.8 the truck has much more potential. Before next summer I plan to have a pair of 18" drag radials that will clear the Baer brakes. Then we'll see what it can do.




Well, I finally got my dream truck. I bristle when it's referred to as a "clone" but, in reality, it's a clone of that 2002 SEMA concept truck. It's got more power and a few more creature comforts than that truck and it's lacking the concepts coil-spring rear suspension but for the most part I've stayed true to the original design, including the cloth seats. I'm especially proud of the fact I did the majority of the work myself in a rented garage but it would not have turned out as well as it did without the help of family and friends. Additional information can be found in my Garage.


Thanks to all who nominated me for CFT consideration.







Silverado SS Front Fascia

Silverado SS Grille

Silverado SS Cladding with Custom made rear cab corners

Silverado SS Gloss Black Door Handles

Silverado SS Gloss Black Tailgate Handle and Bezel

Silverado SS Gloss Black Mirror Caps

Silverado SS Badging with Custom "ImpoSStor" Tailgate Decal

Modified BSER Roll Pan

Extang RT Roll-Top Low Profile Tonneau Cover

Lighted Billet Aluminum License Plate Frame by Trenz




LQ9 6.0L V8

LS6 Camshaft

LS6 Cylinder Heads

MSD Super Conductor 8.5mm Spark Plug Wires

Rotrex/Wheel to Wheel Intercooled Supercharger

Siemens/Mototron Deka 4 Flow-Matched 60 lb/hr Fuel Injectors

Volant Performance Cold Air Induction with Ram Air Scoop

2005 GM Electric Fans

Custom PCM Programming by Zippy Performance

GM Increased Capacity Aluminum Radiator




TOG Headers with Breslin Split-Lock Header Bolts

Ceramic-Coated Muffler from Magnaflow

Custom Bent Ceramic-Coated Exhaust Pipe

Ceramic-Coated Billet Aluminum Exhaust Tips




Tremec T-56 Close Ratio 6-Speed Transmission with Viper Internals

Spec Stage 3 Clutch, Pressure Plate and Steel Flywheel

Pro 5.0 Shifter from D & D Performance




BF Goodrich G-Force KDW Tires - 265/50R20 Front, 305/50R20 Rear

GM Accessory Chrome 5-Spokes 20" X 8.5"




Baer 14" Eradispeed Directional Rotors

PBR AlumaSport 2-Piston, Pin-Drive Calipers




4.56 Gears

Detroit TrueTrac Differential

Bilstein Shocks

Eibach Lowering Kit-50mm front (coils), 110mm rear (hangers & shackles)

CalTrac Traction Bars from Calvert Racing

Hotchkis Stabilizer Bars

TA Performance Rear End Girdle with ARP Stainless Hardware




Silverado SS Instrument Cluster with PRNDLL Delete

Headliner and Visors Color-Matched to Charcoal Interior

Custom Billet Shift Stick with White Hurst Shift Ball

Catch-All Floor Mats from Nifty Products




Bedrug by Wise Industries

Custom Built Aluminum Driveshaft by Dynotech Engineering

Flip-up License Plate Mount from Summit

Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch

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First I am truly honored just to nominated on a forum full of bad ass trucks. Now my love story, I got my truck April 06 and i originally wasn't going to buy the truck but they knocked $11K of the price so i took it as kind of a gift to myself after all I have been through since June 03 and my work accident. Here is a couple of pics of what it originally looked like before I had them remove all the intimidator badging and decals.





The modding began with a sunroof which i have no pics of and then my 5 piece carriage works grill and shopman1 bowtie with SS inlay which is seen here with my new plates and black outs.



From there it was time for a little performance in that I purchased a Volant C.A.I and a custom tune, Zippy shift kit, and a Yank TT2600 stall. I also have had a stereo system put in with a custom vynal box to match the interior-2 10" CVR's pushed by a Kicker ZX750.1



I originally was gonna stop thee until I decided I had to get some wheels. I wanted a set you won't see any where else so after months of photoshopping and opinions of friends I settled on Niche Flares in a 22x9.5 wrapped in a Nitto 420S 305/40/22 and you can also see the painted calipers me , Michael, and Steve did while lowering the truck thanks again guys.



From there it was a 2/2 drop with the great help from Michael aka "PimpSS" and Steve aka "Mr. P" thanks again guys. here is a few pics of the truck with its new stance and painted tails.



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brobradh77 continued...




I have since then installed 6K HIDS that I absolutely recommend to anyone and my spray in bedliner with the SS inlay. Thanks Chris and Tommy at Lonestar Conversions in Sherman, Tx for one hell of a job on the Super Liner well worth my 2 hr. drive.


From there it was time to upgrade my components to Kicker Ks mids,highs, and 4x6’s pushed by a kicker zx 350.4 and added a Valor Double Den you can see in this pic along with my gauge set up and passport radar detector .


Right after the stereo upgrade came the really fun part. With help from my friends Danny (sprayed99), who hooked me up with all the performance mods, and Steve (Mr.P), and also Michael (PimpSS), Justin (wreckers), Ash (danny’s G/f) we were able to get my Radix (2.8” pulley now), Pacesetter LT’s, GT2-3 Cam, cat delete, corsa sport with cut out and my snow performance meth kit, 60# injectors all installed. I have since purchased EFI Live and want to also thank Justin for all the help in that dept.


Here are a few of my favorite pics and thanks again for the nod.




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