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Post Your Interest In 16x10 Drag Wheels


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ive been in contact with a wheel company and they are willing to make a 16x10 drag wheel for us 6 lug truck guys!!!! the plans are a go right now and they are doing their research. the 15x10 wheel they currently make is only 15lbs. they said the 16x10 shouldnt weigh much more and will fit without any modification to our brakes. this should be an awesome combo for 28x10-16 or 28x11.5x16 tires.


just for reference the lightest 16x10 wheels that ive been able to find are 25lbs per wheel.


if your interested post up! they want to see the interest. they also want to see if anyone is interested in front runners so if you are interested in that too let them know. heres a direct quote from them.


give me a week or 2.


the 15x10 is 15.2 lbs so i owuld have to see. Im gonna say Not Alot more in weight.


The thing is i would have to maybe goto a 6 spoke wheel for the 6 lugs so it might be a lil more in weight. But still the same construction as the Street lite, And most likely SFI approved. This might also be a 3piece wheel as i need to see on the 16x10" hoops and there availability


You can make mention of it and link me to the thread with intrest, Say you were contacted about a 6 lug wheel and the marketplace for it. I will keep you updated on my progress, but it looks like a go.


Also i am working on a 3 piece front wheel for a front runner. do you think there would be intrest?? It would be 18x5 MT makes a 24" and a 26" 18" tire thats 5" wide. Im working on those for the vettes and the vipers along with the poopras. another alternative is needed to the CCw's and the Bias Ply tire.

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I believe Bogart racing wheels in a 16x10 are 15# or less a piece no? :thumbs: I know the 16" stock 99 silvy wheels are not much more than 20#'s as well (albeit in 8" wide). The thing will be COST here. I considered some Bogarts however at close to $1900.00 for 4, I stuck with stock silvy wheels for a WAY lower cost. :smash:

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