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Tundra Kill !


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i had a day off today and the weather is perfect as ever to go out and run, so i went on the hunt. i found a black tundra with black rims & exhaust that was weaving through traffic and i followed him untill i caught a light with him. i rolled down my window and asked if he wanted to run and he agreed. he asked what i had and i told him the bare minimum of my bolt-on's. :jester: so i stall it and the light goes green and he gets a little bit of a jump on me. but by 30 i am haulin ass past him pretty steadily and i look over and he didn't look too happy at all. i keep pullin up to 75-80 were i had 1 1/2 to 2 trucks on him. i didn't get to talk to him afterwards bcause he turned a couple of lights later and there was heavy traffic, but i bet he wasn't too happy about what just happened. that'll teach the bastad. mark another tundra kill fellas :cool:

i think thats 3 tundra's for me now, and i won't cease untill i get em all down here.

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