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Got A Letter From Gm Today


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Letter says that many '03 Silverados have instrument cluster problems. Warranty has been extended to 7 years or 70,000 miles. Also includes a claim form for reimbursement if you have had this repaired previously by a certified dealer.


No problems for me but I know lots of people on here have had issues. Hopefully you can read these pages. Sorry they're out of order.





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at least you got a letter i still have gotten nothing



Chance are you might not get a letter. My vin does not come up when they enter it in? They say GM is only doing a certain amount of them...I don't know if more will come in the future or not. My GM dealer is going to good will mine.

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LOL, I got this same letter in the mail today. I got all excited when I seen the part about extending the warranty for 7yrs or 70,000 miles only to see it was only for the instrument panel.


I had to have a new one put in back in March of 2007. Thankfully mine was still under factory warranty at the time.

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I should take mine in and get it replaced. My speedo goes wild once in a while. Acting fine now. :dunno:


Those who have had it replaced: Do they need to re-flash the PCM or anything like that? I don't want to loose my tune. -Thanks

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