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2006 Intimidator Ss For Sale Ft. Worth , Texas


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I live in Ft. Worth, Tx and I'm selling my Intimidator SS. Compared to the "normal" Silverado SS, the Intimidator has a lowered ride height, enhanced performance suspension, a 2-stage multi-leaf springs, with Tenneco shocks, and a stiffer front stabilizer bar. Its also 2 wheel drive with a 3.73 locking rear differential. It has the Dale Earnhardt head rest with his signature on the guages. The seats have hardly any wear on them driver side only. My tailgate was stolen for the spoiler so i replaced the tailgate but didnt replace the spoiler. I do have the pieces of the spoiler that go above each taillight if you were to replace the spoiler. The only reason im selling it is because i drive 50 miles to work everday and its being used as a work truck right now and i dont want to ruin it by scratching it up or racking up alot miles on it. If your interested let me know. It has 23,00 miles and Im asking 30,500 and THAT IS negotiable. I will repost this with pictures in a couple of days. Or you can email me at [email protected] and i can send them to you that way.


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You should have gotten a letter


I didnt buy this truck from the dealership so I never recieved a letter. I tried to give my vin number to the chevy house and see if i could get the number that way but they couldnt do anything. If you know how i can obtain that paperwork in anyway let me know!! It does have a sticker on the drivers side door explaining the Intimidator and Dale Earnhardt but thats all i've seen.

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