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Got these headlight covers off ebay cheap. I'm not sure if I like it or not. I figure if a can find a black bowtie it'll look better. I was thinking about seein if shopman can do a black one with the blue ss inlay...that'd be sweet, right? I like the back, so I'm leaving them on.



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gawd no. Looks like an Auto Zone special. Do some dark colors up front like Wody said, and get your headlights tinted...not cheap ass covers..

K then. Cheap ass covers are all I can afford. And I already said I planned on getting a black bowtie.

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Get alittle alchohol/or acetone and take off the "AVS". Im undecide but once more black is added to the front it would blend better :)

Thanks...I was wonderin how I could get that off :cheers:

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I had the black grill inserts on mine with the black bowtie ... might match it up a little better ... paint the lower grill blakc if you dont get grill covers .... Maybe take them down to a shop and have them color matched to the truck ???? might get some unwanted officer attention thouhg


Also if you want to 'tryout' a black bowite .... get a vinyl overlay and see if you like it. I love my black bowtie ... but it is cheaper with vinyl if you are not sure.





Here is the difference black paint makes on the factory grills


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