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Fs: Leftover Parts Off My Truck- Corsa Tip, K&n Drop In Filter


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I have a bunch of stuff leftover from my truck since I got a new exhaust, nav system, and intake- so Im selling it all. I already put the CD changer/ radio on ebay (SOLD)


more stuff listed a few posts down!

(GM bose radio adapter and 2" rear seat lift spacers)


I also have an extra backup camera for sale, brand new in box. The guy I bought it from on ebay sent an extra one cause he sent the first one to the wrong address but I got both of them anyway somehow... Its got night vision and wide angle view, I forget everything it has but it cost like $60 total. Ill post pics of it on my tv screen so you can see the actual picture when I get it hooked up this week. I guess Ill take $40 shipped for it




The corsa tip is still welded to the rear section of my stock exhaust, but Im gonna leave it until someone says they'll buy it incase they want me to leave on a little extra piping. It has some scrapes on the underside of the 2 tips from dragging on speedbumps and stuff but you cant tell unless youre under it. I want $60 shipped for it-




This is a flowmaster muffler I got from summitracing.com. It has dual 2.5" in/oulets and it was a perfect fit in place of the stock muffler on my tuck. I just added some extensions on each side cause its not as long as the stock muffler. I can cut them off or leave them on, depending on what you want.

Link to summit page for details



CD changer is sold


If you have any questions just PM or email me. Thanks

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I also forgot that I have a Scosche adapter for the GM bose system cause I bought one that worked with onstar instead so thats for sale. Ill get some pics soon


And I have some 2" spacers to raise the rear seat up too for people with a system

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Ill take $40 shipped for the adapter, I paid $60 for it new and I had it installed for a little while- so I know it works fine. I think I know where the installation instructions are I just need to look for em. If I cant find em I will write down exactly what you need to do its really easy, or Ill find instructions online for you.


And the spacers cost me about $18 in materials to build, so I want $35 shipped for them. I built them for my truck (03 SSS) so if you have the same interior they will work. I had to weld 2 pieces of 90deg angle iron together cause I couldnt find 2" square tubing anywhere, and I welded in some bolts too so it will be easy to bolt the seats down.





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