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Power Steering Woes


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when i got my truck a little over a week ago the private dealership was having the power steering pump replaced. since then its been making noise and been a bit high effort when i steer sharply left or right or try to turn with the truck stopped, i thought maybe some air was in the line and jacked the front wheels off the ground and tried turning it lock to lock several times with the power steering fluid cap off, i couldnt really tell if it made a differnce, also when i take off i can here it whine up. did a search and found a few things but not really sure. ive checked the level several times and its good. any info would be appreciated.

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they had a mechanic shop inspect it before i picked it up, the mechanic said it was making a 'noise' so he thought it needed to be replaced, also just now i tried to go to the store and i now have NO power steering what so ever, making a knocking noise now, i can tell its coming from the pump area, checked the fluid and it does not look/smell burnt.

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