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2009 Dodge Ram Revealed


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EEEHHH i dont know how i really feel about it. it kinda reminds of the tundra from those for shots. the exhaust notches in the rear bumper the lil cowl in the hood and the gauges dont look too bad either. the front end hangs over looks lik its kinda jumpin at u....



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I will be a Chevy man until they put me six feet under, but I have to admit that truck is pretty damn sharp. Much better looking than the current front ends. I personally like the 2004-2006 front ends, especially the SRT-10's. Would I ever own one though...probably not. I must admit, Chevy has got to get going on the motor thing, the Hemi and Tundra HP's are killing us! It seems like everywhere I go I see a Tundra with the 380 HP engine, as well as Hemi's!


Coming from a family that owns four GM dealerships (all having Chevrolet), I must say that the Vortec Max engine does not sell well at all. Mostly because of the extra cost associated with the package (along with the engine, GM makes you take a bunch of other crap) which adds up quickly.


GM needs to get on it :smash:


Teddy :chevy:

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i dont know i think it looks good.


i know when i first saw the new sily i didnt even care for them. i still am not a huge fan of them. i actually think the current chevy hd looks better than the 1500.


i think gm will step it up in the next year or so ,they will probably option the 6.2 engine in.

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