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Killed A Manacharged Lq9 Awd Vehicle


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Everyone in my area has been telling me they keep seeing this guy in a supercharged(magnacharged) escalade ext and he tries to race everyone. i have seen him here and there but im never in my car or truck . well tonight finally im on my way to in-n-out for some eats and i get behind this guy . i see he has a stock looking black ext with dual flows in the rear. and i give him a nice pass in an open lane. he tries to catch me but we hit traffic. then he keeps trying to stomp it with cars not far ahead. i just laugh and wait until its clear. we get a red where there is a two lane left turn and we are both in the front. Make the turn and from about 25 mph to 70 i pulled from even to about 3 legnths on him . this was also in my car unfortunatly . i have also added some heavier wheels(tt2's) and heavier clutch ( ls7)and when i shift i get tire rubs in the rear since they are so dam big. i need to put my new suspension goodies on.


i know if this was in my truck it would have been a joke. but i will get my chance soon.

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i actually have a lot more people try to go at the sss than the maro. but i usually wont bite in the truck . this guy is just one of those guys that will try to race you even if your in you geo metro.

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