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Not Sure About This


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Two nights ago I seen a guy i went to high school with and he was in a shelby mustang. i am not sure if it was a fake or not but it looked real. so i followed him out of the gas station and down the road for about 3 miles and then he noticed me following him.. he hammered it as did i...i was running about 110 and he was barely pullin then he left off because of traffic...then two turns later i hammer it again and pull past him and hit the 120 mark on the speedo...so i dont really know how fast we were going cause i held on it for a while...the weird part is i held around 2 and a half car lengths on him for a few minutes then i pulled over to talk to him and he just stopped and tried to burn out then took off...so either way something was fishy about this car because i know i would have not stood a chance against a real shelby....might have just been a GT

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