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The 2 Day Detail

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This was the weekend... the TBSS had been neglected long enough. I had been so busy with customers cars, my regular job, the baby, and general stuff around the holidays that I had barely washed it... it had been since before Halloween that it had seen a good thorough cleaning. I also haven't taken any good pics since installing the Belltech springs and my new tinted IPCW LED tails + 3rd brake light.I started Saturday morning, completely detailed the interior, conditioned the leather, shampood the carpets, cleaned and dressed the plastics. I also knocked out the undercarrige, engine bay, wheels (resealed with REJEX) and tires on Saturday as well.


Today (sunday) started the big project... cleaning and buffing the paint.Started with the foam gun and some optimum car wash at full strength & the 4th largest metering nozel. 2 buckets of clean water each with a grit gaurd I did a complete scrub down using a brand new sheep skin mit, rinsing the it in each bucket after every panel to be doubly sure not to contaminate the paint.


After drying with brand new Adams WWMF towels and QD spray I attacked the paint with DER Tuff Stuff on a white durfoam pad. No need to clay as the paint wasn't that rough, but I wanted to prep. DER Tuff is an excellent paint prep cleaner wax for the times you don't need to clay.


Followed that up with multiple passes of Adams Fine Machine Polish on the white durafoam pad. Started at 4000opm, but wasn't seeing the results I wanted so bumped up to 5000opm and worked each panel until I was completely satisfied.I followed that up with Adams Machine Superwax on the gray durafoam pad at 3000opm. I hand buffed it off with a brand new Adams super plush mf polishing cloth.


Tomorrow AM after the 12 hour set time (adams recommendation) I will top that with a layer or 2 of brilliant spray glaze for some added pop... but even without it the results are amazing.Enough jibba jabba... heres the pics fools!!









Couple more...








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