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Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get Underdrive Pulleys?


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I notice that most don't have them here, but I have heard rumblings about them here and there.


What are the problems that these cause down the road?




The main problem with the pulley is the balancer, it's too small to be able to take out the harmonic's from the engine.

The size/weight of the stock pulley is designed to balance the rotating assembly. And the harmonic vibrations will be different with a different size. Also consider that the 6.0L HO engine is newer and bigger than the engines the underdrive pulleys were originally designed for.

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I never had a single problem with mine and didn't have any charging problems. I had it on my truck for about 175000 miles.

they are also, NOT hard to install. if its the first time you've ever done it it may be a little intimidating like anything else, but it is not difficult.

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I have them on my truck, simple install...if you have a puller that can do it. And an impact with enough torque. DO NOT REUSE THE STOCK BOLT. get a new stock bolt or ARP crank bolt. I've had the pulley's on my truck for around 40,000 miles with no problems so far, and i shift around 6100-6300 right now. Even with the alt pulley i do not see full charge at idle.


As far as worth the money...get a cam. I got one tenth in the quarter.




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