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Need Some Graphic Design Ideas?


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Here is my company -


Bodyguard Training International - www.usabodyguards.com - check out the site for ideas...



we need some new updated shirts...

I am going to get these silk screened on the back of t-shirts and dickies work shirts... 1-2 colors only... (black shirts)


any ideas would help... im thinking something cutting edge... just dont know what.




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u guys should get pink shirts with rainbows above your name, thats what i always wear... and my boyfriend loves it!


yea, i saw that pink shirt you had on at the last g2g... it was about 3 size too small... i guess your boyfriend likes them like that?



so far we have a fist and an eye... should i throw a foot in there for good measure?

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First off your one tall sob you tower over everybody in that pic of you guys....


funny shirt would like a big johnson maybe a buff dude instead of that dweeb protecting a gang of big breasted girls in bikinis :jester:


But if your going for a serious shirt.. i would say do ur symbol with the BTI in the middle of it

over top the symbol do ...... those who prepare

on bottom ....... survive


do it so it goes with the tribal and the words curve around it....prolly already done but i dont know what the back of shirts look like now :confused: :confused:

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hey Dave why dont u use ur avatar??? that image looks pretty sweet, well maybe a silouette of it since it's probably a copy written image and seeing that u work with ur type of clientel u wouldnt want legal problem for it. but i lik how it looks with to two guns... i dont know another idea



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rob - thats the punisher avatar... good idea tho...



packjh - our last shirt was exactly that... bti symbol, and those who prepare... survive.



i like the buff silhouette... with a BTI logo on the chest... i was on the silhouette route already... just didnt know what yet... i have some idea, will post them later.

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