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Semi Ot: Any Camcorder Experts Out There?


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OK guys, I'm looking at getting my first camcorder and have narrowed my format to miniDV for the quality component. My next question though it what level of quality do I need to go. I'm looking at these three camcorders


JVC Compact Series GR-D750 - this is the lowest of the three, with 340k effective pixels, but has that 34x optical zoom.


Panasonic Palmcorder PV-GS320 - this is the middle of the pack with the 680 effective pixels, but only has the 10x optical.


Canon HV20 HD - This will have the best picture of the three and is HD, but the reviews online of the difficulty of editing HD without serious headaches is making me a bit hesitant and I want to make sure that, at the most expensive choice, it's the best overall pick. I know all teh TV's of the future will be HD, so am just wondering how much of a hassle it will be to go with one now vs later.


Thanks for any advice,



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I would only pick up the HV20 if you aren't shooting fast motion objects. I used to work for a large appliance and electronics store and we had HV10 and HV20s (as well as JVC's GZ-HD7U) that we recorded different things inside and outside the store (with and without the use of a tripod).


After burning the videos we saw major lag and stuttering with fast motion (cars driving and people running) on the Canons. JVCs cam didn't have near as noticeable issues (albeit it's more expensive and not the same format you're looking at).

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