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Some Updates...


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I figured i would post some of my updates and projects...


Short term plans - 2-3 weeks to completion...


OEM SS bumper cover

Precision Billet EZ-Solid grill W/ ss bumper grill

Belltech 3" / 4" drop

Belltech Street Performance shocks

Belltech Bump stops front/rear

Belltech shortens dogbones (for front and rear sway bars, belltech)

Belltech Torsion Keys

Custom Stainless Steel brake lines - 5 (from adams2004 - thanks!)

Alky Control Methanol kit - with window-washer tank

NX MAF N20 KIT with purge kit and window switch with billet brackets

22' x 10' one off Forged Aluminum Prowheels - powder coated clear

Nitto 420s 305x40x22's

New oem headlights & bumper lights (hate the current blue ones)



pics -









Long term plans -


motor/SC/paint - Summer



Here is a current picture, i will post the finished picture...



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the lights came with the truck from the factory - i made them HID's


New oem headlights & bumper lights (hate the current blue ones)

ok, you said you bought new oem bumper lights and also posted a pic of them.. that's what i'm looking for. :dunno:



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do you already have all four street performance shocks??? i ordered the set from summit in july, the rear set came but the front set is STILL on backorder??!! i called belltech a few times and they kept telling me they were having problems in production...WTF?

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damn Dave i cant wait to see the truck all finished. seriously im starting to anticipate ur truck lik Mark's twim turb. oh yeah the 22's look f*cking sick in that pic...


so Dave when u gonna help me figure out my suspension setup??? :D



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the street performance shocks are being sent... I am dealing with eric - beardog - he is the production manager... they sponsored my truck in exchange for a truckin' tech article coming up (drop how-to)... right now i have the nitro actives until they arrive... I was told jan sometime. If i hear anything monday when i talk to him, i will let you know.

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