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Rattle Rattle Rattle .............

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It's common for the trim running under the bottom-edge of the back window to hum, that needs to be removed or padded or etc. And yes dynamat the entire rear wall of the cab, it will make a huge difference. Second place to dynamat is the roof, take down the headliner (not an easy job) and dynamat the roof as well as fiberglass in a couple of support struts and that will eliminate roof flex. Doing the roof and back wall will get 80% of the job done, sound absorption wise and lower interior cab heat 10-15 degrees.


Mr. P.

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this is a little late...and a very simplistic answer... but when i had problems with my subs rattling the area around the back seat i just got underneath my truck and bent my heat shield out a little. have not had any problems with it since! a cheaper solution than dyno

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