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First Issue With The Ss


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last couple times id driven it i kept hearing this stupid clunking in the steering wheel. of course i thought "the dreaded steering shaft deal" but apparently 06 and up have a revamped unit. turned out my pitman arm was about to fall off, lol so 100 bucks later im the proud owner of a new idler and pitman arm at a whopping 16k miles.


might have been able to get it done under warranty but i get cost on parts and for that price why not just do it yourself.


gonna chalk it up to the fact that im lowered about 3 in the front and ive been running around the last year with my caster completely screwed.


done venting, have a good one all! :cheers:

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Do you have the part numbers for those parts? I think that I need to replace them also. Truck is very "loose" in front end. Did notice that two ball joints had torn boots.

Thanks Wiz


ill see if i can get them tomorrow. i just had my friend order them from me from a local gm dealer and i installed them but he should still have the receipt.

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