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Speed Inc. Open House

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speed inc is hosting their open house again this year on april 26th, which is a saturday.. in schaumburg, illinois if anyone is interested.


here's a video from last years open house.




let me know if you're going.. there's a group of us planning on meeting beforehand or afterwards and going out to eat.

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that old dude at the end... lamer...lol


did anyone call the FD with all that smoke???


they inform the police beforehand as to not cause any trouble after the smoke starts clouding up.. lol


and i thought that mercedes was going to do something cool.. then ended up doing that.

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I'm in for sure,this far in advance I can def. make adjustments to my schedule. do they have a dyno that will fit our trucks?


not sure man.. this will be my first year going. probably not since they deal with mostly 2wd cars.

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Good job posting it over here Brad, Actually just a little update, the LTX shootout is April 19th and it got by the Speed Inc guys so they now moved it to April 26th, hope to see some more trucks there this year.

hey joel, i've got the original post updated. thanks for the info.. :thumbs:

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Cool . . . now why are you guys picking on the old guy in the benz, that was hilarious to me. As for goodies, I didn't really check last year but they do have some deals that day if you want to buy something, been trying to find out what it is for this year but they're being pretty hush-hush about it. Last year they had pizza for everyone(and it was a helluva lot of people there)

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