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Bought A Car

pimp ss

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now ive had it with stupid people so i bought a 1989 nissan maxima for 500 bucks to drive back and forth to work and when the weather is crappy a couple months ago at work this dumb ass at work stole my valve stem caps so sprayed99 hooked me up with some sweet locking ones that have SS on them and then this week on monday at work one of the idiots at work ate a bananna and threw the peel in the bed of my truck and for some people that may not be a big deal but i wash and wax the inside of my bed it looks just like the outside of my truck ill post pics of it tomorrow it really a descent car a/c works and everything so now i can get my roll pan done and a couple other things and hopefully have it ready in time for autorama in 2 weeks

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yes but i dont have a handgun liscense yet im getting it and im not sure if either of those would be enough reason for a shooting with me that is more than enough reason but with the cops it probably wont fly and as i promised here are the pics of my new ride shes even got a sweet spoiler on the trunk





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sweet ride.. don't tell me it's taking the sss's spot in the garage.

not no but hell no i just pulled the trucks out so i could clean up the incside of the car and take some pics it sleeps in the drive way unless i decide to clean out the trird hole in the garage and then ill park it inside



Uh you mean IH82W8 hooked you up with some sweet locking ones! lol :P:jester:



But yea very cool DD! I'd rock it. :D

sorry i did not know that they came from you but thank you very much

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