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Why Am I Stalling....? Injectors

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so ive had this problem in the past but its getting worse now, after having a hard time starting my truck and i finally get it to idle ,it ldles like i have a stage 4 cam in it, ever second it sounds like it wants to stall out and then it catchs itself. but thats only the fisrt part, when i was driving and i would give it gas, as soon as i lett off it would idle waaay down and almost stall so i would lightly give it gass so she wont, but when i was at a light it bogged waay down and stalled. now it does this everytime it idles...im being told it may be the injectors, have a 2.8 pulley which calls for the 60lbs injectors but my tuner said id be aright with the 42lbs, is he wrong, did i max out my 42lbs'rs. any ideas guy will be great, thanx



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mine did simular things i checked all my ground wires and replaced the battery and its fine the main problem was the ground strap bolted to the back of the block was lose. I would check that and see what happens

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well im back, so i replaced the battery and it helped a little bit, so then i read my programmer and it said my o2 sensor was acting up, so i replaced that and theat helped a little more, i also replaced the plug wires. but its still missfireing every now and then. i cant firgure it out, i read through the codes its throwing, maybe some one can help here they are


PO174 Fuel Trim Bank 2, System Fault


PO300 Random/Multiple Cyl. Misfire Detected


PO161 O2 Sensor Heater Circut Bank 2 Sensor 2 Malfunction (Replaced)

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