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Speedometer Won't Zero - Stuck At 40mph


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During the last snow I was barreling through some drifts and generally sliding and having some fun.

Getting on the highway (still snow covered) I look down and the speedo says 100+! WTF!


I thought maybe some snow or slush had gotten in somewhere.

eventually it went back to normal so I just forgot about it.


Well this weekend, no snow or even rain, it started again.

When at a dead stop the speedo only drops to 35-40.

and when it is climbing it is kind of jumpy and erratic in its movement.


Has anyone else seen this behavior or have any clue what could be effecting it?


I asked a couple LS1 guys here at work and none of them have heard of it in the F Body circles.

More of the generals pre-installed gremlins?


I expect electrical gremlins from the Typhoon, but its 15 years old now.

Being an 05 and drive by wire makes me really nervous that I have electricals to worry about already.

Added on top of my 2nd set of leaking ext cab vent windows, a steering shaft knock that has been to the dealer 4 times now and my trans that likes to hit the rev limiter on downshifts and hang at the 1-2 shift when cold, which my dealer tells me is normal...

Well I guess crossing the 50k mile marker is making the Silvy show its age.

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This is a well-discussed issue, no need for immediate worry; the stepper motor that moves the needle in the speedo guage is known to malfunction. All Silverado's are covered 7/70 on the speedometer, take yours to the dealer and they'll replace it. Below is the recall letter I received:










Mr. P.

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I guess I've been lucky up till this morning... I'm driving my 2003 SS with only 42,000 miles on her at 10 years old and noticed I'm going 68 mph in a 35 mph zone! I do the panic slam on the breaks and all that knowing full well I'm not really going that fast... but geez! Give a guy a heart attack... a cop was coming towards me and I just freaked out a little... Down to the meat of the matter. My truck is 10 years old.... what are my options for getting my cluster replaced? The speedo rests at 18 to 20 mph while sitting still, and registers about 65 or 70 mph at 35.... Anyone out there in this predicament ? My dealer is out of business and the nearest one to me that I would even consider taking it to is about an hours drive away. What are the odds of getting a replacement and installing it myself? What is the procedure, does it require removing the top of the dash or just the trim bezel around the cluster?


Thanks for any and all input....

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a steering shaft knock that has been to the dealer 4 times now

Pop the hood and locate your steering shaft. There should be a boot on the firewall that goes down to a joint in the shaft. There will be a 15mm bolt holding the two shafts together. Loosen this bolt and seperate the shafts. The top shaft should slide back and forth now up towards the cab. Lube this shaft as well as the inside of the boot with grease. The boot is kinda stiff, but if you dip two fingers in a bucket of white grease or a petroleum grease and pack the boot real good, then reassemble. This will cure your knock.

80% of GM full size trucks that get traded in have a steering wheel clunk on the test drive. Ive done this a dozen times and works great every time. I had to do this to the SS last summer. It was knocking like crazy when i would take the gravel road to the lake.

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I took my cluster out and shipped it to Dr. Speedometer in Granby, MO ... he completely rebuilds them with new stepper motors of the latest design from GM suppliers, replaces all the bulbs and even polishes the lens and dusts it behind the lens... generally cleaning up the whole mess. All for $189.00 and that includes shipping both ways and a 12 year warranty! Took 9 days from my truck to him and back in my truck. Works great and all the gauges are more stable in operation. He has upgrades too... red, white or cobalt blue lights... also you can upgrade the needles to silver, light blue or white. Even offers an upgraded bezel trim .... Not a bad deal .

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