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Dyno Day

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I was talking to the guys at J D Performance in Huntingdon Valley . If we get 5 or more trucks it will run $125.00 for three pulls . Just wonna see who would interested in doing this . They have a 2 wheel dyno by dyno jet . here is some info. http://jds-high-performance.com/



I’m thinking around April or May to do this


Mark :cheers:

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A little early for me.


I have been on that dyno before! Kind of hard to manuver a full sized truck in that shop and get strapped in. If you do go, I will love to be there. I can do a final bump in your overall timing and be sure your fueling is where it should be on the wideband.


Besides, I popped a 53X on that dyno and I never got a print-out :nonod: (forgot to print it out). Maybe, just maybe it is still saved on the hard drive :thumbs:

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