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In Election 2008, Don’t Forget Angry White Man


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Umm...I felt like I just read my autobiography except for the part about him might being mexican,italian etc...I am neither. Great article. Its crazy to think that soon if not already, the white man will be a minority.

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I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I'd be willing to bet the majority of members here are angry white men. Even the women and black men on here. Because it's not about race, gender, or culture. It's about having enough of the political bullshit, and bleeding heart liberal attitude that is killing this country. 100% angry white man. :cheers:




EDIT: I firmly believe that if you stop seperating the races, and treat everyone as equal, then racism might have a chance to end.

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I hate to be the one who breaks the news to you all, especially as I think we have a lot to be angry about.


Hillary Clinton is not the problem. She had nothing to do with creating the problems that we face, and she isnt going to be the Dem nominee.


I wont vote for Hillary as I dont care for her policies. However, I can trace every single complaint that is voiced in this thread directly back to the early 1980's.

That's when jobs started to disappear overseas.

That's when taxes on NORMAL workers started going up.

That's when immigration started to get out of control.

That's when corporate control of our lives went into high gear.


In the 28 years since 1980 we have had...


8 years of Reagan

4 years of Bush 1

8 years of Clinton

8 years of Bush 2


So, 20 years of Corporate Republican rule

And, 8 years of Democrat rule


Hillary is not the problem.

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angry here also...


but this sums it up for me





That was great! Got to love George Carlin :cheers:


I can see emperor72's points and no, Hillary Clinton is not the problem.

I'd also side with desrtrat & George Carlin as far as summing it up or closer to summing it up.


We are believed to have a choice but we don't 99% of the time.


It reminds me of situations at work where....

- Owners ask Key people. Think about this or that and give us your thougths and ideas to better a given situation, We'll meet in a week.


- You put your time and efforts into creating such report/ideas along with the other Key people.


- You meet in a week and basically their mind was made up a week ago on what THEY wanted to do and don't pay no attention to anyones thoughts or ideas, They pretend to and knock it down or don't want to hear it. Sometimes that 1% get's their attention but not very often.


They just want to make you feel that you have a choice. No it's not on the same level as running a country but it all has the same theory behind it.


I Guess I've fallen into the "Good Worker that can do my paperwork class" but I'm still Angry! LOL



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