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Ls2 Ls7 Egines Installed In Silverado (awd) Ss

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1. retulacator ring is different, so you would have to change that...pull the crank


2. cam sensor is at the oppsite end of the motor.


3. you will have to upgrade to efans to clear the car type intake


this is off the top of my head...there could be more

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... but real dont like the new look...

Man ain't that the truth - new Silverado styling = :sick: Another option you might consider is a 6.2L motor from a Denali :drool: I can't think of anything besides what Detjoe said right off-hand - I am sure you can buy adapter harnesses from Speartech for the crank & knock sensors, but you will have to remove the crank and switch the reluctor ring to the 24-tooth piece (and put in forged pistons while you're at it!).

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I would like to see a NNBS reg cab with the 6.2/6 speed. While I dont like the looks the swap is more fesable when you stay with the newer truck.


Yea, if you are looking for more power in your 2003, I would say build the motor. Dropping a 6.2L is still going to be limited to the power and if you built it you could throw alot more @ it.

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