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So On Valentine's Day I Walk Out To My Truck To Find This...


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anyway so last thursday (2/14 valentines day) I'm at my office and I go to my truck to get something and I find this.....





My gf put so many balloons on my driver side door and one on my windshield wiper then left a note saying "look in your trunk =)"


she knows the code to the keypad of my tonneau cover (yes, I have keypad entry on my speedstur cover =P )

she put more balloons on the inside of my bed and hooked a bag with a teddy bear in it on the inside so that when i opened the lid more balloons would fly open and the bear would be floating in front of me.



I know it seems like something that wouldn't posted on this kind of forum but I just had to post it. This is the first time any girl has ever gone out of their way to do anything for me or surprise me. I've always been the one to do this kind of stuff so it was really special Valentine's Day for me. She's a great girl.



Then a week from Valentine's (yesterday, Thurs) I backed up into a lady right behind where I park :banghead:

No damage to me miraculously but I took some paint off her bumper so I offered to pay for her repairs cash not to get insurance involved but damnit....that's money gone to nothing...either way lucky nothing happen to the SSS.


ES :flag:



Please excuse the truck, it's filthy

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