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408 "ls-6" With Direct Port Nitrous


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Well, I have started a new project and I thought I would share / document the build in this thread. I am keeping alot from my old set-up (exhaust, fuel system etc.). I always wanted a nasty N/A stroker from day one however never had the chance to build the one that I wanted...until now. I will make an index of this thread in this post and update what post number each phase of the build starts. I am planning on having the motor installed and running in May with tuning all summer.



1. The Plan, motor specs and nitrous plans - Post #1

2. Some parts arrived! PICTURES - Post #32

3. TS&P build Write-up on my motor - Post #37

4. Engine dyno numbers!, valve train pics, Long block pic, misc. pics. - Post #53

5. Bracket modifications PICTURES - Post #78

6. Belt routing, engine install, all the sensors installed PICTURES - Post #79

7. Misc. pics (-AN fittings, belt routing, oil) - Post #80

5. INTAKE PICTURES!!! (fuel rails, fittings installed) - Post #110

6. Headers, some EWP wiring, dedicated fuel system for N2O - Post #111

7. Crank Case venting / PCV, catch can install - Post #124

8. Tranny / converter install PICTURES - Post #157

9. 1075 Idle clip (rough tuning)!!!! VIDEO - Post #158

10. Stand alone fuel system plumbing, Main N2O feed routing, Purge install, powdercoated intake PICTURES - Post # 205

11. Second Dry Nitrous Kit install pictures, Bottle mounting pictures, Random engine bay pictures to date! - Post # 247

12. Drive shaft love - new beefy U-joints and rebalance. - post #260

13. TBD

14. TBD


O.K. first off the motor. I have been researching parts for years for this build and this is what I chose to do. Some may disagree with my choices and that is fine, as I had a hard time debating on if I wanted a low revving torque monster or a high revving HP monster. Naturally the L92/l76 combo was debated for the low revver as well as about a dozen head/cam and intake combos for the high revver. Here is what I settled on:





-6.0L Cast iron Block (LSx block was overkill)

-Eagle forged LS1 4.00 Stroker Crank

-Eagle LS1 6.125 H-Beam Connecting Rod Set with upgraded ARP 2K rod bolts

-Diamond Racing Forged Pistons (4.010 Bore, 4.000 Stroke, 6.125 Rod length, 1.120 CD, Flat Top with -4cc Valve Reliefs, 0.927 x 2.50 Wrist Pins) *Obviously a 4.030 is in the table depending on machining issues, minimum of a 402 and a max of a 410*

-TSP Total Seal Ring Set (4.010" + 0.005", 1.5mm AP Stainless Top, 1.5mm Napier 2nd, 3mm oil

-Cam bearing set for LS2 Block

-Clevite LS1 H-rod bearing set (for stroker applications)

-Clevite LS1 Main bearing

-ARP Main Stud kit for LS1/LS6

-GM LS1 oil restrictor

-GM LS1 Oil Galley Core Plug

-GM LS1 Large Coolant Plug

-GM Engine Block small coolant plug (LSx - based engines)

-All the block work including Vat Block, Line Bore, Bore/Hone w/ TQ plate, precision balance rotating assembly, line hone...




-Precision Race Components Stage 3 ported and polished LS6 Cylinder Heads (243 castings): 2.08/1.60 stainless steel valves, dual valve spring kit (good for .640 lift) with Titanium retainers, 64cc Combustion Chamber

-TSP cam 248/254, .615"/.622", 113 LSA

-Yella Terra Ultra Lite series non-adjustable 1.7:1 roller rocker arm set

-TSP Chromemoly 7.40 pushrods

-GM LS7 Lifter kit

-Rollmaster double-roller LS1/LS6 Timing Set - standard bearing

-GM 6.0L MLS gasket

-ARP LS6 cylinder head stud kit (12 point) (remember this is a nitrous motor)

-GM LS1 Lifter Trays and associated bolt

-GM cam retainer plate and associated bolt

-ARP LS6 camshaft bolt kit

-GM LS1/LS2 rear main seal housing gasket

-GM LS1/LS2 Timing cover set

-GM oil pump O-ring (LS6)

-ARP balancer pulley bolt

-GM LS1 exhaust gasket

-GM Oil pan gasket

-GM water pump gaskets

-GM LSx rear main seal

-GM LS1 front crank seal

-GM engine block dowel pin set

-TSP ported and shimmed LS6 oil pump

-Front coolant pipe for LS6 Intake manifold

-Rear coolant plugs for LS6 Intake manifold

-GM LS1 timing cover

-LS1 rear cover

-GM bolts for the valley cover, timing cover and rear cover (31 total)

-F.A.S.T. 92mm TB LSx composite intake manifold (ported)

-LS2 throttlebody (05+ vette style)

-X link adaptor

-F.A.S.T. fuel rails

-F.A.S.T. 38# injectors (flow rates rated for 42psi, at 62 they flow ~45#s, I also have the green tops ~50#s)

-GM windage tray, 99+ trucks, with nuts

-99-06 GM truck pan kit

-GM oil pick-up tube 99+ truck

-GM LS6 valley cover (upgrade from the stock truck cover...planned for my crankcase venting system)

-TCI SFI-Approved Flex Plate with LS1 bolt pattern (spacer for 80E conversion)

-Powerbond Truck Underdrive Pulley (keyed and powdercoated)

-Aeromotive boost/vac referenced FPR

-Mezeire Electric Waterpump (anodized red)

-Area51 idler relaction bracket

-Custom CAI (by me)

*11.5:1 static compression ratio, shooting for over 600+ HP Crank HP N/A with a power curve peaking at 6400-6500RPMs*





-Nitrous Outlet custom direct port nitrous system

-Progressive controller, with window switches and purges (Trick performance P-gauge)

-Dedicated fuel system (pump, regulator, lines, fuel cell)

-Twin 10# bottles (may do a nitrogen assisted system, haven't settled yet)

-Jets to deliver 300RWHP shot progressively controlled with window switch, can go to 400 if desired and down to 100. This is RWHP ratings :smash:

-all of the goodies that go along with a nitrous kit to make it safe and legal to run

-custom intake painting and direct port line routing (that is where the "Project Black Widow" comes in.) :thumbs:


TRANSMISSION (and extras)


-Going to freshen up the Finish Line Transmissions 65E and add some new parts such as a billet INPUT shaft and all soft parts. I have most of the parts for the 80E conversion however I want to see just how far I can push the 65E. With progressively controlling the nitrous and having a window switch for the shifts, this tranny just may hold together for a nice 1/4 mile run. Regardless, the 80E is inevitable so I started that project in the background.

-Precision Industries Vig 3400 stall tripple disk lock up 10.5" converter

-Forged driveshaft yolk

-Rebuilt T-case

-Detroit locker

-Driveshaft loops

-New AS&M headers (Belenger now due to issues dealing with Arizona Speed and marine!), hollow cats


Looking forward to breaking some parts along the way! :lol: I will be doing all of the installs and tuning in my garage. Let the fun Begin!




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Dont you think this is gong a little too far?? :wtf::jester:


You need to check yourself in into:





:crackup::crackup: lol i was checked into that along time ago and havent spent near the $$$$ kevin has. he has better shot at brokesingles.com he is well past "moneypitaddicitionhorsepowerpsycofanaticswifesgonnakickmeoutoufthehousesoon

anonymous". btw kevin reading your list and seeing the pic was better than reading a hustler man its awesome

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