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Dealer Service Repairs


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Just wanted to share a positive experience getting somer repairs done. I always get nervous about trusting the service dep't with any vehicle but this one seems to have gone well.


replaced gauge cluster: no charge (thanks GM)


replaced clunkity (technical term) steering shaft: no charge due to previous service history, not sure if this was the dealerships generosity (I doubt it) or GM's doing?


replaced front diff: $100 deductible, remanufactured parts provided by warranty company. The dealership estimated the repairs with the Jasper unit which I was excited about, but I don't know what I ended up with.


10 days rental car: no charge, warranty company pays $28 per day, got a lame ass Kia Rondo


so far the only stress has been 10 days without the truck, or as my daughter calls it, "daddys baby.


P.S. my warranty is Ford ESP plan since I pruchased the truck used from a Ford dealer. I'm waiting till this summer for it to expire and will get the GM recommended plan.

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